Friday, June 16, 2006

1 Sock.....Another on the way

Have not been blogging for a while - too busy knitting & contemplating if I should cast on another project. With 3 projects in progress, getting a little tired & want some excitement - an extra-ordinary knit (hmm...what will it be?????) Anyway, here's an update of what's happening in my knitting life.
The WWKIP event on June 10 in Cafe Denada in Brentwood was good - there were 8 of us knitting & crocheting in the cafe over lattes & bickies...what a life but it was good only for 3 hours. All of us enjoyed it so much that we decided to do it on a regular basis - every 2nd Saturday of the month, we will meet in a cafe to knit...can't wait for next month (July 8).
Thought I should show a pic of my finished sock....

The pattern is from Jo Sharp's latest book, Knit Issue 1. It is knitted in her new yarn, Alpaca Silk Georgette - a lovely & soft yarn, which is just right for socks. Knitted the sock in ladies' medium size as Margaret in my knitting circle wanted to buy them after I have finished. Well, if that happens, that will be my first sale of a pair of socks. Cast on the 2nd sock & working on the heel flap .... see below at my work in progress.

Hope to finish off the 2nd sock by this weekend so that I can cast on another project. Keep in tune.....

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Sharon said...

I have mentioned previously, the more you blog means the less you are knitting, the less you blog the more you are knitting;)

You sound just like me, always looking for that special knit project with WOW factor!!

My knitting group meets fortnightly, it is so much fun.

The socks are just beautiful, you have done a great job, no wonder someone wants to buy them. I find that handknitted socks sell extrememly well, so you may find that this will be the first of many.