Monday, September 11, 2006

Jacaranda In Spring

To celebrate the beautiful purple blooms of the Jacaranda, a festival is organised every year in the suburb of Applecross where many of the streets are lined with these trees - November 25 is the Jacaranda Festival & Helen & I are participating in it. We have just confirmed the rental of a stall where we will be promoting the various Community Knitting events (knitting in the libraries, city & cafe) that we organised & at the same time displaying some the luxurious yarns & knits that we have made. In the meantime, we have planned for more knitted projects to be ready for THAT DAY .....

Here's my list of "To Knit" :
  1. A Summer Poncho in Cotton from Jo Sharp's book Saturday
  2. A Cable Scarf in Jo Sharp Silk Gorgette from Issue 16 of Creative Knitting
  3. A Scarf (still searching for the pattern) in 8-ply merino from The Knittery
  4. A Scarf in Giotto from Colinette
  5. A few pairs of socks in Opal & Lana Grossa cotton

I have just cast on the cable scarf & will knit it as & when (?) there is time - I think I will keep this project in the car & knit whenever my husband is driving.

I have also just learned the Magic Cast-On & will try to cast-on the Tangled Up In Blue socks featured on this blog, Persistent Illusion. This Magic Cast-On is really great for toe-up socks (which I love to knit) & is much easier than short-row shaping. I think I will use the blue cotton sock yarn from Lana Grossa for this pair of socks. Now is to find the time!


2paw said...

Oh, what a lovely lot of knitting and what a good idea!! I am a top down sock person!! I made some toe ups but they're not right for my foot!! The TUIB socks are lovely though!!
Happy Organising!!!

2paw said...

Aha!! Thanks Ann. I have never done the 3 needle cast off on shoulders before so I hope I do it correctly. I did undo and reknit and I worked the cable so now I am a bit happier. I didn't cast off any shoulder stitches so we'll see how that goes!!!