Thursday, February 19, 2009

Grandma's Comfort Shawl

Another FO off the needles - this took me a week.
It's the Comfort Shawl that I am knitting for my Grandma in Singapore. I knitted the shawl in 4ply cashmere/merino from the Knittery with 4.5mm needles & it went really fast. Blocking it was a challenge because of the shape. There is shaping done on the shoulders so that the shawl will sit nicely like a cape. Notice my new blocking mat - I bought these little alphabet squares for A$15 a pack & it's great - they are waterproof & it's much easier to stick the pins in than what I used to do on the carpet.
The shawl fitted Lynette nicely & it should fit my Grandma too as she is also very slim. It measures 58" around the bottom & 15" from the neck to the end. I think it's just the right size to sit on the shoulder & keep it warm.
I hope Grandma likes it & she should be able to wear it next week as hubby is leaving for Singapore this weekend.
Eversince I returned from my holidays, I have been feeling lazy expecially with blogging. I have not been reading blogs (my apologies to all my blogging friends) or the forums or updating my projects on ravelry. I just feel too tired to be sitting in front of the computer ...... but I forced myself to do it yesterday. I spent 4 hours uploading photos, updating my projects on ravelry & also published 2 patterns on ravelry. Remember these ......

The Petite Felted Bags (with 2 handles)

and this .....

Snakes & Ladders Socks

...... these 2 patterns are now available in Ravelry as free downloads.

I will like to thank Gosia & Linda for test knitting the Snakes & Ladders socks - both of them did a fantastic job !


Beate said...

The comfort shawl looks very comfy & soft. Bet your grandma will love it. Thanks for the patterns.. will immediatly check those out.I know how it is not feeling time is enough. Have pic. on Flick needed to go to ravelry-- where is the time... :-(

Linda Jordan said...

The shawl is only adorable but must say I love the socks. Well done.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Your shawl is lovely! I know exactly how you feel about blogging I seem to have lost my steam since the holidays and am finally uploading and updating myself :)