Friday, September 04, 2009

Rose Buds

“ The center panel of double moss stitch reminds me of little rose buds on bushes of slipped stitch twists on the sides – a lovely combination ! "

This is my 1st design for Knitting Inspirations Sock Club released in Winter. These toe-up socks are knitted in Handmaiden Casbah (Wine colorway), one of my favorite yarn.
This design is now released for sale in ravelry .


Amanda said...

Another pair of beautiful socks!

Anni said...

Cute design and gorgeous yarn.

ladyr said...

Hi Ann!
Thanks for sharing your socks pattern. I will try it out sooner or later since I have yet to knit my first pair of socks! Can you believe it? :)
I lived in Perth a long time ago and I come over from Italy whenever I can to visit my family who is still there. I love Perth!!! :))