Thursday, March 18, 2010

Knitting Inspirations

Helen & I are the founders of Knitting Inspirations & for the past 5 years, we have been promoting knitting in Perth with all the various groups in the libraries & in the city. The groups have grown rapidly in the last couple of years & there are also many other groups that have sprung up in various suburbs.

To facilitate the groups, Helen & I have been bringing in hand dyed yarn & accessories from overseas. We mainly sell the yarn to our members in the groups & now decided to extend our services to other knitters in Australia. Helen had worked very hard in the last few months in designing & creating an online store & now it's up & running. Helen did a great job with the store & it looks great. Take a look & also visit Helen's blog as she did a fantastic write up of the products we have in store.

We are so pleased that knitting has grown in popularity here in Perth & knitters are able to meet & share their passion. We hope we can continue to inspire more people to take up this wonderful craft of knitting !

Happy Knitting


2paw said...

I popped over and had a loo when I read Helen's blog this morning: all that gorgeous green sock wool, so many colours and variegations and colourways. I know what I can say I want for my birthday!!!

Rachel said...

So inspirational that you and Helen are doing this! And so great to hear that because of your efforts, knitting is growing in popularity in Perth! Thanks for sharing!

Roseann said...

Congratulations on your successful Knitting Inspirations venture! You have a lovely website with beautiful yarns and I wish you continued success.

Anonymous said...

That is marvelous!

I haven't been around in ages. Your new blog design is lovely.

Robin said...

jusdt discovered your blog - love your designs!

Anni said...

well done on all your hard work.