Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2 Cardigans

In the last 2 months, I have finished 2 cardigans & also a couple of smaller projects. This is the 1st time that I have done this as I usually become a little tired after knitting one. But these 2 patterns were just irresistable & I had to knit both.

1st is Elphaba which is a top down cardigan with a lace border at the bottom. The designer, Mary really produces a great pattern & the instructions are so well written. After knitting Simplicity, also by Mary, I knew I had to knit Elphaba. I love this cardigan & I used Handmaiden Casbah which is the perfect yarn.

The fit is perfect & I love the lace border at the bottom as well as on the sleeves. I did increased the length of the cardigan as well as the sleeves as I had plenty of Casbah to keep me going.

2nd is Every Last Yard. When I read about the construction of this cardigan, I knew I had to try it. The cardigan is started with knitting a strip for the collar & then stitches are picked to form the body of the cardigan. The construction is really clever & the collar is knitted on as you go together with the body.

Again there is lace at the bottom of the cardigan & also on the sleeves. I used Cleckheaton Country Silk which I bought on sale at Morris & Sons when I was on holiday in Melbourne 2 years ago. I had a bag of 10 balls & I used 9.25 balls as I increased the length of the cardigan. The bag of yarn costed $30 & it is a lovely yarn to knit with as well as to wear but unfortunately, It's discontinued.

I think I will now take a break from cardigans (although I have a few on my queue) & do a few more small projects.


Rose Red said...

Nice work on both! They look great! I wish I had knitted a new cardi this winter, but not to worry, plenty of time (and yarn) to get one done for next year!

2paw said...

Lovely cardigans and the second one has such an unusual construction. It looks lovely, I have some green wool the same.

Anonymous said...

Really lovely knits, the lace details make it so special

Roseann said...

I can't stop admiring your sweaters! They are both so beautiful and fit perfectly. I also appreciate your details about the yarns you used, very helpful.

I look forward to seeing your smaller projects, perhaps more of your original designs?