Monday, August 15, 2011

An Awesome Weekend

I just spent an AWESOME weekend with Jacey Boggs in her spinning workshop. It was an amazing weekend & also a very challenging one for me.

I knew that this workshop will be beyond my spinning capabilities as I have only started spinning 10 months ago but I did not want to miss this excellent opportunity, so I enrolled.

Jacey is an amazing teacher & she makes everything looks so easy. On the 1st day, we had to spin thin & thick yarn & I was struggling to do it as I have only been spinning thin yarn eversince I started spinning. We were taught different hand movements & trying to co-ordinate the hands & the feet was a difficult task.

It was also an experience walking around & admiring the different wheels in the workshop. There were 5 Ladybugs (including mine) & there were several Ashfords, Majacrafts & even 3 e-spinners. We also had a demo on Jacey's wheel which is a Lendrum & it is an amazing wheel.

I went home after the 1st day with aches all over the body. The 2nd day went better as I slowly managed some of the techniques & was able to produce some results. I never realised that spinning can be so technical & innovative.

I came home with these mini skeins of my handspun .....

..... coils, corespin, auto wrap, cocoons.

I love the look of these coils .... they are not perfect but they look good to me.

but my favorite are these cocoons as it's one technique that I managed to do well.

Although I may not have learnt everything that Jacey taught in the 2 days but I have gained an invaluable insight to some amazing spinning techniques. I am so glad that I went for this workshop as it is AWESOME ! Jacey mentioned that she may come back again next year & I hope so as I want to go to her workshop again.


2paw said...

I think your spinning is awesome, you are so clever and must have worked so hard. I love the coils best of all!!!

Squirrel said...

Looks like an amazing workshop. Your spinning is really good =D

Roseann said...

You are so courageous to learn all those techniques! I admire those yarns and then shy away as I imagine all the work involved. You jumped right in and spun beautifully. You are an inspiration!

Sue said...

I think it is amazing that you know how to spin. I see all different kinds of yarn that people spin up and am in awe. I gather that you are now going to knit up your handspun yarn or are you going to keep it as a souvenir.