Friday, May 04, 2012

3rd Pair of Socks for the Year !

Actually it's the 1st completed pair as the previous 2 pairs are wips from last year.

I am so glad that my sock mojo is back as I realised that I have missed knitting socks & that I really enjoy the whole process.

This pair was started 2 weeks ago when we went away for the weekend & I finished 1 sock during the drive there & back home. But the 2nd sock took a little longer ......
These socks are knitted in a yarn that I bought 2 years ago in Melbourne (can't remember the name of the shop, not Morris & Sons). It's a New Zealand brand, Naturally Waikiki Prints, a blend of wool, alpaca & possum. The yarn feels soft & nice to knit with. I am sure these socks will keep my husband's feet very warm.

When I cast on these socks, I took the opportunity to try the Moccasin Toe from Cat Bordhi's Pussy Willow Stockings in the Sock Knitting Master Class book. The toe turned out well & I like the shape as it fits nicely. I think I will replace my usual toe technique with this Moccasin Toe as it's just as easy - all I have to do is change the positions of the increases.
I used the stitch pattern from the Skyp Socks for the leg & it's a nice rib pattern (6x2) with a twist although the pattern is not very visible in the dark colors. Anyway, I just wanted something different from the usual 4x2 rib.

Now that I am back to sock knitting, ideas have been popping up & I can't wait to cast on another pair but I have to finished my wips - 2 pairs of socks & a vest.


Rose Red said...

It's a great colour and the possum yarn will be sure to keep his feet warm! Glad you have found your sock mojo!

2paw said...

Those socks even look warm and I have some of the green multi somewhere (what a surprise!!) That's a nice looking toe too.

Roseann said...

I am thrilled to see more of your socks and look forward to your future designs. What a nice blend of fibers in these socks. Glad your weather is cooling off so your husband will enjoy them soon :)