Friday, July 27, 2012

Where are my FOs?

 I knit every day but for the last few weeks, I have not been able to finish off any projects. I think I just have too many wips & should just work on one & finish one at a time. But there are just too many distractions. Since I have no FOs to show, I will show Lydia's.

Lydia just had 2 weeks of school holidays & she loves to knit during this period for relaxation & she finished 2 projects .......

..... a cowl as she wanted something soft & thick & warm around the neck as the mornings have been very cold. She picked Zen Yarn Garden cashmere/merino sock yarn & with 4.5mm, cast on 200+ stitches, join in the round, knit 1 round, purl 1 round until she ran out of yarn.
I think she did a great job as the cowl is so warm & soft. It's long enough (46") to go round the neck twice.

Then she decided that she wanted to try lace & asked for a simple lace pattern. I did a search on ravelry & found this pattern.
This is an amazing pattern & a great introduction to lace as it's only 1 row of pattern & you just keep repeating it. Lydia used a 3.5mm needle as she was knitting with lace weight - Yarn & Kisses Blue Club.
I love the look of this lace & I think I may be stealing this scarf when she's not using it.

I think I better put a lock on my stash as at the rate that she is knitting, I will be running out of stash. Thank goodness, she is back to school now !


Roseann said...

Lydia is an incredibly talented knitter just like her mother, you must be so proud! The cowl is beautiful and the lace scarf is gorgeous, hard to believe that there is only 1 row of patterning. Wait till she samples some of your handspun, she will certainly want more :)

Bogie said...

Very nice, she's quite a knitter. So I'm not sure that having her knit from your stash is a bad thing. Your stash gets smaller and you get to buy more yarn. :)

Rose Red said...

I just love seeing Lydia's knitting! It makes me so happy! And she is a lovely knitter.

Bells said...

Lydia is doing such lovely work! I'm glad she finds it relaxing!

2paw said...

Lydia's cowl and scarf are just lovely. She's so brave, I have purling in the round. IT must be so nice to ahve another knitter in the family!!