Friday, December 14, 2012

I am still around ......

...... but have not been posting as I am so busy with a renovation project.  More about that later.

But I am still knitting, although not a lot and my latest FO is this .....
.......the Quilted Lattice Mitts. I changed the fingerless version to a full mittens as I wanted them for my trip to Seoul. I used my Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Sock yarn (leftover from my Ravi cardigan) as the main color and the contrasting grey yarn is Socks That Rocks.

I love the pattern as it looks so pretty and it's also a quick knit. When I tried on the mittens, I thought that they may not be warm enough for the winter in Seoul and so decided to add a lining.

I picked up stitches from the inside of the cuff and started knitting in the round, left an opening for the thumb and carried on knitting to the top. I used leftover Knitpicks Gloss Lace yarn for the lining so that it's thinner and will fit nicely inside the mitten.

I am happy with the lining and now I have well padded mittens which I hope will be warm enough. It's now -6C in Seoul and by the time we get there on January 4, I am sure it will be colder!


Roseann said...

What darling mittens! I love the combination of leftover yarns, a beautiful combination of color and function. I'm glad you got them completed in time for your trip as renovations can be very time consuming :)

Rose Red said...

The mittens look great and are sure to be warm with the lovely clever lining!
Renovations - ugh! But I'm sure will be worth it when done!
Have a wonderful Christmas and holiday if we don't hear from you again before then!

Bells said...

oh they are wonderful! So striking!! So festive and now so doubly warm!

Just beautiful.

Rachel said...

Very pretty! Glad to see a post up from you! Happy holidays and have a great (warm!) trip to Seoul!