Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sock Knitting

For the last few years, I sort of lost my sock knitting mojo and only knitted socks when necessary. But recently, I picked up the needles again and finished a pair for my husband (mentioned it in my last post).
While knitting those socks, my love of sock knitting re-surfaced and I was enjoying it except for one issue - the circular needles. As I was teaching sock knitting on one circular needle, I decided to practise what I preach and have been knitting socks with circular needles. My husband's socks were knitted 2 at a time on one long circular needle. I really did not enjoy the experience of pulling and pushing the needles and cord.
After finishing my husband's socks, I immediately cast on another pair. This time I am knitting with dpns and I can't describe the joy and comfort that I felt when I was zipping along with the dpns. It is so relaxing and the movements are so smooth flowing. I knew I was back to my original element of sock knitting, something that I used to enjoy and love. Everything went so smoothly and fast .......

...... I can't even believe that I am enjoying fair isle and all this was done in an evening! By the way, this pattern is Back and There Again Socks and I have already finished one sock and cast on the second one.
This really prove my love for dpns and I will use the circular needles when I am teaching. In fact, while I was knitting this sock, I was thinking of my stash and deciding on the next few pairs of socks. I will have a sock on the needles all the time!
On another matter, you will be hearing from me more frequently now as I just bought an app, BlogPress so that I can post directly from my iPad. I have been trying to do this for a while but have problems in downloading pictures from the iPad. With this app, I can insert a picture from my iPad or take a picture instantly. This makes it easier to post wips without using a camera and the hassle of transferring pictures from the camera to laptop and then to iPad. The only problem that I am having with this app is learning how to insert links.
Be back again with more photos of my finished socks. The first one looks lovely.
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YarnAddictAnni said...

Lovely sock.I prefer dpns too.

Rose Red said...

The socks look great! That's great progress for one night's work.
I quite like magic loop, but I'm not much of a fan of 2 at a time, that's a step too far! But I'm also happy using dpns!
I blog on the iPad, I use the wordpress app. My only problem is my iPad pictures aren't as clear (but they will do!)

2paw said...

I love dpns because in my mind I have all my stitches arranged just where I like them!! I love the fair-isle pattern, it is gorgeous, glad you are enjoying your knitting again.

Roseann said...

Your yarn and sock pattern are so pretty together. That looks like a fun pattern to knit. I have been thinking about my dpns, too. The Magic Loop is nice for my portable knitting as I have dropped a dpn more than one in my travels. I look forward to seeing this completed pair of socks.