Thursday, June 29, 2006

My 1st Toe-Up Sock

It's done - I finished knitting my 1st toe-up sock & even added a pattern on the leg. Oh! I am so happy with it & it was so easy knitting this sock as the short row shaping is the same for the toe & the heel. The most fabulous thing is that I can keep trying on the sock as I go & see it taking shape. I knitting this sock & I am sure there will be more to come. Alright, here's the sock...... Isn't the fan & feather design on the leg lovely? The 4 rows of garter stitch really ended the sock off nicely. This sock is so soft & such a perfect fit...I am really happy!!!! Thanks again Wendy for this great pattern.
Tonight, I am casting on the 2nd sock.....& it should be a breeze!


Sharon said...

Beautiful, well done. I must knit another pair of feather and fan socks, I had forgotten how lovely they look.

2paw said...

Lovely sock!! It looks very soft and comfy!! Now whip up the ext one and you'l have a pair!!!

Michelle said...

that was quick!! lovely love socks :)