Friday, July 07, 2006

Socks Galore!

Now that I am in a sock knitting craze, it's also the right time to acquire sock yarn to add to my ever growing yarn stash. So...I bidded and won 2 lots (8 skeins in each lot) of Opal yarn from silkandmore (ebay seller in Germany). The much awaited 1st lot (they were in quarantine) arrived today and here they are....... Aren't they gorgeous...that's the Opal Petticoat range. I will have a hard time deciding which color to knit the next pair of socks but first of all, I will have to finish off the 2nd fan & feather sock...almost there, about 10 rows to the cuff & then it's done. Will have to finish it off tonight so that I can cast on the next sock!!
Progressing well on the green cardi for Noreen - half-way thro' the 2 sleeves (knitting them at the same time on a circular needle), then the collar & they will be ready to sew up (but really dread the idea of sewing them together has to be done).


Sharon said...

Oooh I am soooo jealous that your Petticoat has arrived!! I am still waiting for mine :( maybe mine is in quarantine too!

Lots of socks from 1 more row then?

2paw said...

Oh, you can never have too much sock wool!! I have ordered some from Melanie too - not sure what now, but I know it's green!!

Michelle said...

those yarns are simply lovely!! how much are they? but probably i shouldn't add them on my stash at the moment as i've no idea how to knit socks and i think they're a bit too pricey for me :P


ps: you must teach me how to knit socks one day!!