Thursday, June 01, 2006

My New KIP Bag

Isn't this a nice little bag to make sure that my work in progress is clean & tidy. Lynette (my eldest daughter) cross-stitched & made a little drawstring bag for one of my many knitting projects - the Picot Edge sock. It's also very handy to carry around & fits nicely in any of my bags. Thank you, Lynette for the nice thought!
Someone had posted a comment asking to see the green ribbed cardigan that I am knitting, so here it is.......

...... the back of the cardigan. I really enjoy knitting with this soft & smooth yarn & the color is really refreshing (altho' green is not my color). Maybe after I have finished with this cardigan, I may knit something for myself with this lovely have to start going thro' my stash of patterns but I have so many other projects in mind - as usual so little time but so much to KNIT!


Michelle said...

ooh...that bag is so cute. wish i know how to sew. that green cardi. what yarns is that?


Sharon said...

I have a similar bag for my sock project that goes with me everywhere, very handy.

JadE~ said...

I want one too aunty ann!
ur blog looks really cool!!!

2paw said...

Oh, your apple green cardigan is looking wonderful!!! What pattern are you using?? I have the Knit1 book - but I lent it ti Katt, I must get it back soon!!!