Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Another Project Done - My Ribbed Wrap Jacket

At long last, I can now wear my latest project - a Jo Sharp design - the ribbed wrap jacket. Took me 3 weeks to knit it up & another 2 weeks of procrastination to sew them together. How I dreaded the sewing bit (as I never like needle work) - spent the whole afternoon just on the sewing - could have knitted a sock! Anyway, it's done & looked at how nice it is ........

I used Jo Sharp's Silkroad Tweed & DK Tweed & it is quite thick & very warm. Wore it last night to my knitting circle & everyone liked it - especially the contrasting collar which makes the jacket different. Well, I love it too & I am sure this jacket will be my constant companion this winter. Now off to another project.....


Michelle said...

Nice jacket!! :) Hopefully I'll be able to knit 1 for myself some day!!

Which knitting circle did you attend?


Sharon said...

Lovely jacket, you aren't the only one who hates sewing up their knitting. I have a Ribby Cardi from last year all complete just needs a zipper sewing in :(

Hey you got your %bars up and running!!

2paw said...

Dear Anne, nice socks and jackets. I really want to see the green cardigan!!! I hate sewing up, though Sharon gave me a mattress stitch reminder lesson and I have just sewn up my cardi!! We were all saying yesterday how we 'just have to finish one more row' before we put our knitting away!!
Happy blogging!!!

Kate said...

Hi Anne,
I've just started that Jo Sharp jacket and am half way through the ribbed cardigan from the Cleckheaton book. The Cashmerino is lovely yarn - I've made two set of mittens from it.

Did you put in your own Progress bars? I'm trying to sort out the code with limited success.