Monday, July 24, 2006

More Yarn ???

Went thro' my WIPs and yarn stash & guess what I found ... the Branching Out Scarf from . I started knitting this scarf with Bette (100% silk) which I bought from Live 2 Knit & the scarf was intended for my aunt's birthday in March but unfortunately could not complete it in time. As I need a change, I am picking it up again but not so sure if this is the project that I am looking for. Anyway, I have used up 1 skein & the scarf is still not long enough ... take a peek .... the yarn is a lovely color & the silk is so smooth!

Also found 2 skeins of another yarn from Live 2 Knit - 100% Superwash Merino - which will be suitable for a pair of socks - but what pattern should I use - this requires more thought so I will have to put it aside for the time being. Anyway, take a look at the yarn & maybe someone can give me an idea !

All this lovely yarn & not enough knitting time. It will be worse tomorrow as another school term starts & this means more running around with school & after school activities ...sigh... plus I am still looking for THE PROJECT ... :(


Sharon said...

Oh that is so pretty, I love live2knit yarns. Sorry, no ideas for what kind of sock!!

Something lacy and feminine to match the colours, maybe.

Michelle said...

wow...those yarns are lovely. i've never knitted with silk before so have no idea how the texture is like.

also...cant help you with the patterns of sock as i've never knitted any before ^_^


Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Hi, your sock efforts are wonderful!
I have a question! How long did you have to wait for the petticoat wool to arrive from Silknmore?,I've been waiting for nearly ten weeks(I am near Kalgoorlie so very similiar in distance to you from Germany!) for the collection of forest opal,I would like to get the petticoat too but worried I might even see the first lot!