Sunday, October 15, 2006

Knitting All The Way Up North!

I am back ... to city life - big shopping malls, internet, TV, restaurants, etc, etc .... but it had been a great 8 days of fun & of course, KNITTING ! So. let me share with all of you the journal of my knitting as we drove 2,000 kms from Perth to Carnavon & back to Perth !

Day 1 - Perth to Geraldton (4.5 hours)
Cast on the Lace Poncho (Jo Sharp's Saturday magazine) in cotton ... but all I got to when we reached Geraldton was just 10cm! It was an adventure knitting in the car & trying to concentrate on the pattern with so many distractions - Can I have a candy ? Can I have a something to eat? Look at that dead kangaroo! Can we stop? I need to go to the toilet! When is the next turn off? Is this the nearest petrol stop? - it was endless - I had to keep putting down the knitting & entertain all these requests! It was a miracle that I could finish 10cm of the Lace Poncho (including a couple of times frogging it).

Day 2 - Geraldton to Monkey Mia (3.5 hours)
This time, I thought I will knit something easier so that I can put it down anytime, so I cast on for the Tea Pot Mat (Jo Sharp's Knit 2 magazine). What a nightmare - casting on only 6 stitches & then trying to put them on 3 dpns (2 stitches on each needle) - after half an hour, I was about to give up & no one in the car dare utter a word! I wish the person who design this pattern had included some tips on how to manage the cast on! Anyway, I persisted & managed to get it all right (without twisting) after a clever idea - cast on, knit 1 row, put them on dpns & join - it was much easier & then I was on home run - take a look ...

From then on, it was smooth sailing & I had a tea pot mat all knitted by the time we reached Monkey Mia ...

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Melinda said...

I am knitting this pattern at the moment for the first time. I really like it - but had the same problem with the cast on! I managed it, but it looks really bumpy. I like your tip - I will do this next time!