Sunday, October 15, 2006

..... Part 2

Day 3 -4 - At Monkey Mia Beach Resort
The resort is beautiful & there are so many activities to do & we did the lot - feed the dolphins, cruise in a catamaran & saw more dolphins & even dugongs, went to a pearl farm & learnt how black pearls were cultivated, pedal a boat along the beach, kayaking, fishing on the beach (did not catch any) & of course picking sea shells .... it was a glorious & fun & of course the hot sun (after a few months of cold winter)...

The dolphins swimming with the pelicans - isn't that beautiful !

As there was no driving around & with so many activities to do within 2 days, I only managed to finish my 2nd Tangled Up In Blue Sock - so here's a pair ....

Day 5 - Monkey Mia to Carnavon (4 hours)

Decided to try the Lace Poncho again & this time it was smooth going as I think I must have the hang of knitting in the car or my knitting skills have improved during the holidays ... so by the time we reached Carnavon, I managed to complete amother 10 cm of the poncho ....

Carnavon was a quiet place & not much to do & plus the disappointment of not able to find any bananas (too cold for harvesting) - managed to buy a frozen chocolate coated banana (most probably from last year's harvest)!

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