Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Am I Going Out Of My Mind ?

Have I been knitting too many socks that I have gone crazy & knitted unmatched socks! Of course Not - I am alright but I did cast off 2 pairs of socks, one after the other - the problem was that I only had 1 pair of sock blockers so I can't take a picture of both pairs at the same time - anyway, here they are ....

Pattern : Back to Basics, knitty fall 07
Yarn : Araucania Semi-solid
Needles : Harmony 2.5mm dpns

Pattern : Wendy's Toe-up Gusset Heel Pattern

Yarn : Opal Acapulco
Needles : Pony Pearls 2.5mm dpns

The Opal socks are my 1st pair for Can Assist & I really enjoyed knitting these socks as they are easy & fast & the pattern is in my head - they are great for knitting in the car! I will be casting on another pair soon so that I can send the 2 pairs out.

I am still knitting on my Tunic Bonsai & been thinking of casting on another project. Have been thinking of this for a while ......

I have just bought new yarn, 100% silk from Colormart & should I cast on the pi shawl ?


Donna (Random Knits) said...

Yes, Ann, you should just cast on for the Pi Shawl :)

2paw said...

No!! But if you had only knitted one of each sock you would have been Hopping Mad!!! Lovely socks as usual, I love the Araucania and the pattern.
Yes, you should definitely cast on for the shawl!!!

gemma said...

I think the Opal socks are very dramatic. Go for it with the pi shawl, it looks great in all the photos.

Sasha said...

DO IT!!! Go on Ann... Cast it on!! Cast ooon!! :)

Denise said...

I love the colors in the stripy socks:-) Don't know what the Pi Shawl is, is it the big round thing in the book?