Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cloth & Soap Swap

I participated in my very 1st swap in Ravelry organised by the lovely Oz Knitter. It was a quick & easy swap - just knit a dish or wash cloth & include a piece of handmade soap & then send them to a pal & this is what I received ....

.... a lovely dishcloth in my favorite color, 2 pieces of lavendar soaps (love the smell), a set of stitch markers (also in my favorite color) & a lovely sheepy card. Thanks so much vintagegrrl .... you have made my 1st swap a fantastic one!

My pal had also received my package which I had so much fun putting together ....

.... really enjoyed knitting the wash cloth as the pattern was great & the colors fantastic.

I can't wait to participate in another swap !


Denise said...

Both packages look lovely. I always seem to find out about swaps too late - how do you get in on them?
I've heard good and bad reports on them, but never took part. I keep thinking it might be fun?
Have a great day :-)

Rebecca said...

What a fun sounding swap! OZKNITTER is a sweetie, isn't she? I love the dishcloth you knit, it is so colorful and fun!