Tuesday, March 04, 2008

New Projects For A Brand New Month

It's March - time really flies & I thought Christmas was just over but it's almost Easter now! I love Easter as I love hot cross buns & I have been eating them since last week.

For this brand new month, I have cast on ....
... the Pi Shawl from EZ's Knitting Almanac & the yarn is 100% silk from colormart - love the yarn - it's so soft & smooth & the color is gorgeous. Knitting this shawl is really relaxing as it's knit all around with yos & k2tog every 6 rows & it's growing very fast - I have 144 sts now!

Another new cast on .....
..... it's Roza's Socks from IK Spring 2007 & I am using Zen's Garden Sea Yarn (merino & seacell) in Wisteria colorway - the yarn is so soft & lovely to knit with & the pattern is so easy (it didn't look that easy when I was reading it). Love knitting this sock & this pair is going to Can Assist when they are finished.

To add to my sock craze, I have just joined SAM5 & Roza's Socks will be for March. Hooray for sock knitting !

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Lisa said...

Oh, love the colour of the shawl. One of my favs.