Saturday, April 26, 2008

Off To Alaska

Not me (I will love to go) but this pair of socks which I knitted for a friend who is going on a Alaskan Cruise. She went shopping for a pair of warm & comfortable socks but could not find one, so she asked if I could knit her a pair - of course, I did & she is so pleased with them .....
..... she loves them & said that they are the most comfortable & warmest socks she had ever worn & they are off to Alaska !
Pattern : My own toe-up gusset & heel with a twisted rib leg
Yarn : The Knittery, Merino in Vineyard colorway
Needles : 2.25mm Harmony dpns

I love knitting with this 100% merino yarn as it's so soft but unfortunately, it has been discontinued ......
While on the matter of socks, I have to mention my sock knitting frenzy last week - my cousin asked for some hand knitted socks (I think in January) for her baby who will be due on April 22 & of course, I promised to knit a few pairs & there's plenty of time till April 22. I planned to start a week before the baby is due & I did - knitted 1 sock & then received a sms - baby Noah was delivered at 5pm - my goodness ! that's 1 week early & all my planning had gone down the drain & all I had was 1 sock !
So for the next 2 days (I had to tell my aunt that I was busy & can't visit the baby), I knitted like a mad woman & managed to finish 3 pairs of socks, wrapped them up, wrote a card, put them in a pretty bag & off to the hospital to see baby Noah - he is gorgeous & so cuddly !
When I came back home, it hit me - I forgot to take pictures of the socks which are so cute & I even try a new pattern - a spiral sock with no heels & it turned out great. Now I can only hope that my cousin will take some pictures for me. I have also learnt my lessson - babies do come early so start early - maybe a month before due date ?


Denise said...

Wow, that's a lucky friend :-) Lovely socks.
Shame you didn't get pics of the baby socks.

Bells said...

babies will do that - totally screw with the best laid plans!

Lovely socks!