Saturday, June 21, 2008

February Lady Sweater

I fell in love with this sweater when I saw it on Ravelry & knew that I had to knit it. This sweater is currently on 2nd position in Ravelry's most active list. Luck was with me as Helen just received a new shipment of Dream In Color yarn & she had ordered the Classy for me to test knit .....

.... isn't this gorgeous - Classy (worsted weight) is as soft as Smooshy & the color (Visual Purple) is so lovely with varying shades of purple. I looked up on Ravelry again & many knitters were using this yarn for their sweaters. Now, nothing can stop me as I have the yarn & the perfect sweater pattern, so I cast on ........ for 2 days, I was doing well & knitted up the yoke but somehow I was not comfortable with it. But of course, this is the moment that I hated most - I knew something was not right but I still carry on knitting - what's wrong with me?

I decided to go back to Ravelry & check out other knitters' comments & found that a KAL has been formed - I spend the next hour reading up all the forums & realised that I had misinterpreted the pattern ! How is this possible????

.... I have placed the 3 buttonholes too close to each other as I thought that I had to have all of them within the 40 rows but didn't realise that there are more rows to go & I could spread them out. Anyway, I didn't do a good job of the 1st buttonhole & so that's the last you will see of the yoke as it had been frogged !

I have re-cast on & the 1st buttonhole is looking much better & I am still enjoying the pattern as this will be my first top down sweater. It's quite fun as I can try on the sweater as I knit.

Now for a little advertisement - Helen has stocked up our online store with more Dream In Color Smooshy, so go & take a peek & if you have also fallen in love with the February Lady Sweater & will like to knit it with Classy, let Helen know as she is placing another order soon ... have fun browsing !


Donna (Random Knits) said...

I think Classy is my new favourite yarn! I'm not usually a huge fan of superwash yarns, but I'm really enjoying working with this one :)

Adele said...

Hi Anne!! Adele here! How are you??

My email crashed, together with your email address & times where you teach knitting!! My email is still the same, email me!

Lisa said...

Hey Ann - I noticed you sell Knitpicks options needles - how did you go about getting them for your store? I thought only Knitpicks sold them, but it looks like they are branching out.

Susan said...

That color is luscious and will make a beautiful sweater I'm sure.

Alyssa said...

Love the bag by the way!