Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Ladybug Has Landed !

This was the email that I received from Emma, from Spunout. I was so excited when I read the email & immediately arranged to pick up the Ladybug.

.... my new spinning wheel ! It actually arrived in a box & took my husband a couple of hours to assemble it. I can't wait to try it.

It's spinning so smoothly & I love it. I have only been spinning for 6 months on my Ashford Traditional which is a great wheel to spin on but not portable. It was a chore to carry it around & loading it in my car when I go out for spinning. So I decided to give myself a treat & bought the Ladybug as it's more portable.

...... look at the little ladybug on the wheel.

As the weather is now cooler, I have been spinning more. I think I am building up a handspun stash as I can't knit fast enough. But I managed to knit this up with one of my earlier handspun on the Ashford, in fact, it's my first handspun that is navajo plyed.

As I have only 200+ yds of handspun merino, I decided to knit a sideway scarf/shawlette so that I can measure the weight as I go. I just increase on one side every 6 rows & also knitted an eyelet row in between increases. After using half of the ball, I started the decreases.

It turned out great & I managed to get a nice length of 80" so that it can go round my neck a couple of times. This is my 1st project knitted out of my own handspun - I am a fiber artist now !


Rachel said...

How exciting...and I adore that little ladybug!!

I sort of thought you were a fiber artist before...but I guess this makes it official! Lovely scarf!

My.Florentine said...

Yay! What a nice spinning wheel. You will have to do another post on how well it spins, ease of use etc because I would love to learn how to spin and this looks like the "compact" spinning wheel I'd be interested in.

Rose Red said...

It's so cute! And it has a red wheel!! I think that's the one I would have to get should I every take up spinning!!

And your first handspun scarf looks fantastic - great pattern for it.

Roseann said...

Congratulations on your Lady Bug!!! I have heard great things about it and look forward to seeing even more of your handspun fiber creations. Your handspun merino scarf is beautiful!!!

Sue said...

What a cute wheel, and red too! I have to say that quite a few podcasters talk about those ladybug wheels and how fantastic they are. Your handspun yarn looks lovely too!

Anni said...

Very pretty handspun shawlette. i've only knitted a hat for Em and now working on a shawlette in my handspun. Have a bit of a handspun stash. LOL. I don't really spin to knit from it but just because i love spinning.

I love your new wheel. Very pretty.

Bogie said...

A new wheel, how exciting! And it's wonderful that you made a shawl with your handspun. Mine usually goes right into my stash. I need to knit more. :)