Saturday, April 23, 2011


..... it's actually not that simple at all. This is a project that I have been knitting on & off for the last 5 months.

When Michelle gave me a cone of Colormart, mohair/merino last year, I did not want to knit another Featherweight Cardigan but I wanted something similar. I found Simplicity which is a top down cardigan but with shaped & drapey fronts. It looks great & I love top down construction.

While knitting the cardigan, I was not happy with the rolling edges & was concerned with them as there is no finishing to the edges. I kept putting it down to contemplate if I should continue or rip it out. This went on for a couple of months but I kept knitting. When I got to the bottom of the cardigan, I cast off but it rolled so much that I can't bear looking at it. I ripped off the cast off & left the cardigan in the basket.

One thing that prevented me from ripping the whole project is the yarn. I love knitting with it. I am not a fan of mohair but it's not so obvious in the yarn & it knitted up so well. Plus the color is my favorite.

I decided to pick it up again in February & worked on the cast off. I did a couple of garter stitch rows, an eyelet row & a couple of garter stitch rows & it worked ! The cast off was perfect & there was no rolling. I love the look & it finished off the cardigan nicely. This really gave me the boost & within the next few days, the sleeves were completed with the same finishing.

Actually, this pattern is very well written & the designer is very thorough with all the different types of increases. I like her style of pattern writing that I am knitting another of her design - Elphaba.


Rose Red said...

I think it looks fantastic! I'm so glad you persevered and came up with the great edging.

Roseann said...

Your Simplicity is beautiful and love the pretty no-curl edgings. The color is gorgeous!

Momo4ever.Com said...

Love your cardigan. I'm still thinking if I should make this too with my last cone of mohair/merino yarn!!!! :D

Sue said...

It looks very pretty with the edging. I am glad it stopped the rolling too after all the work you put into it.

Anni said...

It looks lovely. Well worth the effort.

Bogie said...

It's lovely, congratulations!