Friday, December 16, 2011

FO, FO & More FO ........

I know that I am a bad blogger but I did not realise that I am that BAD - 2 months since the last post ! I can't believe it has been so long. Well, better late than never. This post will be dedicated to all the FOs that I have finished in the last 2 months.

1st FO - Vineshadow Cuffs from the Knitspot Fall Club which I joined. When I saw the pattern, I knew that I had to make them for my dear friend, Marilyn who loves wearing cuffs to keep her cold hands warm. These cuffs are a fast knit.

I used leftovers of my Handmaiden Cashmere/Silk & the cuffs are gorgeous & soft. Marilyn loves them & wore them immediately.

2nd FO - Peasy. My Mum wanted a black cardigan & it took me a while to find the right yarn as she is living in Singapore & needs something light. I found the perfect yarn - Colormart Cashmere/Cotton, fingering weight. There was no black available so I ordered dark navy blue. The yarn is so lovely to knit with & I love the feel of it. I have ordered more in grey for myself.

Peasy is a great top down pattern but I had to do a lot of modifications as my yarn was so much thinner than the recommended yarn. The stitch markers on the cardigan are for placement of buttons which I am going to leave it to my Mum to decide as there are more button choices in Singapore than in Perth.

3rd FO - Felted Bag with 2 handles. I only started the base & finish off the handles & the rest of the knitting is actually done by Lydia who is now on school holidays. I wanted to use my last lot of Cleckheaton Vintage Hues so a felted bag is the best option.

The body of the bag is extra long as I wanted a taller bag than my original pattern. In fact, the knitted bag before felting was the length of my body from shoulder to toe. After felting, the bag is 30 cm high & 68 cm around the circumference. It's just the right size as a knitting bag.

4th FO - Damson with the lace modification. This is my 2nd Damson as I gave the 1st one to my Mum. I am so glad that I did the lace insert as the result is gorgeous. I love the delicate lace look that makes the shawl so much more gorgeous than a plain one. The only pain in knitting this shawl is the picot edge cast off which took forever but it's worth the effort.

I used a skein of Malabrigo sock & it's my 1st time that I have used this yarn. I just wondered why it took me so long to try this yarn as it's gorgeous & lovely to knit with. I also ordered more of this yarn. I am glad that I did as I have given this shawl away to a friend who fell in love with it when she saw it. So now, I have to knit my 3rd Damson.

Wow, that's a long post but I promise I will be back soon. Maybe I should make it my new year resolution to post more frequently. Well, we will see how it goes.....


Momo4ever.Com said...

Those cuffs are so pretty!! And for the bag!!! I can't imagine it's that tall pre-felting?? It really shrunk that much huh????? How many balls of yarn did you use?

Rose Red said...

Wow, that bag must have been HUGE before you felted it!

I love the Damson with the lace, it looks fantastic! I am using Malabrigo sock for the first time too, but am making socks (for husby). Maybe they won't fit him and I'll have to keep them for myself, ha ha.

2paw said...

You have been so busy, especially with the lace1! Love the bag and RoseRed is right, it must have been sooo long. Peasy is lovely. It's is very popular right now!! Your friend is so lucky to have such beautiful frilly cuffs.

Roseann said...

What gorgeous finished objects! I especially like the Damson with the lace inserts and how the subtle color changes in the yarn set it off beautifully. I'm intrigued by the cashmere/cotton yarn as they are both short stapled fibers and would spin well together. I look forward to seeing your gray sweater. Lovely cuffs and a cute bag, so much fun to take it all in!

Rebecca said...

Lots of pretty things, here! Those under-the-cuff-ruffle-things seem to be getting very popular which means we should see them showing up in retail in a year..heehee. I keep telling my girls that I can get it to them long before the style gets popular but they aren't believing me. (P.S. Changed my web address should you think I have fallen by the wayside :-)