Friday, January 06, 2012

My Last FO .....

...... for 2011. I had been working on this project for the last 4 weeks & I did enjoy all the garter stitches. It's an easy project to work on especially in the car. Anyway, I managed to finish it on the last day of the year.

It's Trillian & it's knitted in Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20. I love this yarn - it's so soft & lovely to knit with. As this scarf/shawl is for my niece & she is quite tall, I decided to use up the 2 balls of yarn (800m) & ended up with a really long scarf/shawl (250cm long & 50cm at the widest part).

The construction is really interesting & I love the simplicity of the eyelet border.

As I cast off this final project for 2011, I started to reflect on all the projects that I worked on. I had done a lot of knitting but my designing had taken a back seat. I decided to enjoy the process of knitting & try not to make too many modifications in a pattern. I wanted to enjoy working on patterns of other designers. So I did a bit of test knitting which was really enjoyable & enriching.

I managed a little designing especially for my classes at a yarn shop & also enjoyed the teaching experience. I would love to teach more classes but unfortunately there was not sufficient interest.

My greatest pleasure in 2011 - I knitted 12 shawls & I enjoyed every one of them. Shawls are my current favorites & I love the semi circular shapes.

My only regret in 2011 is he lack of sock knitting. Somehow, I lost my sock knitting mojo & only ended up with 2 pairs of socks for the whole year. I have always love knitting socks & I want to knit more socks. Recently, I heard of the new tomato heel technique by Cat Borhi & would love to try this technique. So for 2012, there should be more socks.

I don't usually make new year resolutions but for 2012, I will try & work on more socks, continue with shawls, update my winter wardrobe (as I need more thinner cardigans) & maybe along the way come up with some designs. One last thing is that I will try & post more regularly - hopefully once a week !

What are your knitting plans for 2012 ?


Rose Red said...

Wow, that is a big scarf/shawl! Looks fantastic!

I have gone off socks a bit - there are still a lot of patterns I want to knit, but I suppose I feel like I have enough in my sock drawer for a while. I want to knit more cardigans this year, I think. That is my main goal.

2paw said...

Yes, it's just gorgeous and I love the edging too. Have fun with the new heel, it is lots of fun to knit!! I agree with RoseRed it's more cardis for me this year too and socks as well. My pairs seem to get parted somehow.

Denise said...

Very pretty! I'm knitting for ME this year, that's my resolution ;-)
Are those grapevines you have there!

Momo4ever.Com said...

Seems like both of us have just finished a garter stitch shawl/scarf!!! This Trillian looks really nice!!! It's the first time I came across this pattern.

Sasha said...

Lovely as always Ann, and I'm always so impressed with how productive you are with so many projects in the year! My resolutions are to knit 12 items ( one per month ) and to read 12 books ( also one per month ). It seems so little but somehow life is so jam packed full with work and the land here in Tas that I think 12 of each is a realistic yet inspiring goal. I knit about 12 in 2011 but some were small items so I'd like to aim for 12 decent knits in 2012 :) I look forward to seeing your creations!

Roseann said...

Your shawl for your niece is gorgeous, I keep looking at the photos. The color and texture combination are reminiscent of a Monet masterpiece. I know your sock mojo will be returning, perhaps along with your spinning mojo. I look forward to your 2012 projects!

Rachel said...

It's a beautiful scarf...the color is just fantastic! I'm trying to finish up stripe study and have hit the final border which is garter, garter, garter. Have a long trip to Montana coming up in a few weeks and thought maybe I'd put it aside until then as it would be the perfect car project.

Good luck with your knitting goals in 2012...looking forward to watching you make progress toward them!

Melita said...

Hi Ann, I too love this shawl and thought I'd add my NYR's to your blog (just in the way of knitting things lol). Last year my resolution was to make one thing with new yarn, then the next object had to use yarn from my stash. I have to admit I very successfully have knitted into my stash a lot. So this year, if I see some new yarn that I have a plan for, I'm going to buy it! Socks and small projects for other people is the main goal this year, with a few thin cardi's and a dress for me going on in the background all the time.
:) Happy Knitting everyone :)

Melita said...
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