Monday, January 09, 2012

Yarn U

I was approached by the author of this app, Yarn U, to review the app on my iPad. Yarn U is an app with a database of yarn.

The above is a page from the app showing information on a specific yarn. The information include fiber content, stitch gauge, yardage and even pros & cons of the yarn. There are also recommendations for projects, where to buy the yarn & the retail price.

I find all these information very useful as it helps me review the different yarns that I can use for projects & the app also allows you to share the information with a friend.

There is also a picture gallery where you can see the various yarns & the projects associated with a specific yarn.

This app is really handy for a knitter as you will then be armed with a database of yarn information. The only issue that I have with this app is that I can't find information on one of my favorite brand - Handmaiden & Fleece Artist. Well, I am sure the list will be expanded in time to come.

This app is available in iTunes for A$2.99


Rose Red said...

Interesting! I have this already but I haven't used it much (yet!).

2paw said...

I am sure knitters will find this a very useful app!!

Roseann said...

I appreciate your review of this helpful app and will share your review with my friends who have iPads.

Bells said...

thanks for reviewing it. I'll look into it. Always looking for good knitting/yarn apps!