Friday, March 23, 2012

Another 2011 KIP Done !

I am so happy to finish off this pair of socks which have been sitting around for more than a year. It's an enjoyable & fast knit but I guess I was distracted with other projects & so did not spend time on it.

Here they are ......

I used the Hedera stitch pattern which I had to re-work as I knitted my socks from the toe-up. It's an easy to remember 4 rows pattern.

The yarn is one of my own first handspun Australian Melanian wool in it's natural color which is a mix of light & dark brown. Although this was spun when I first started spinning a year ago, I enjoyed the spinning & was able to spin quite finely. But the plying was not well done & the twist is not tight. I hope this will not affect the durability of the socks. Anyway, I will be the one wearing these socks & I do take care of my socks, so it should last.

On another matter - I have knitting journals where I keep notes of all of my projects. These journals have been very helpful as reminders of what changes I made to a project & I also refer to them when I knit similar projects. The most important are my notes when I am designing a project & there many designs in there that I am not 100% happy with & need more work in the future.

These are my journals from the last 6 years & I used whatever notebooks that I can find. But as the years go on, I started to keep an eye out for pretty notebooks & have a small collection to use.

Today, the scenario is different - ever since I had the iPad (May 2011), it has been my essential knitting tool. I carry it everywhere I go & it's always at my side when I knit. All my patterns are in the iPad & I made notes directly on the pattern when I am knitting. I am not using my journal now but I miss writing on the journal. I am also concerned that if something happen to my iPad, then all my notes are gone.

So what do I do? Do I still carry on using my journal or stay with the iPad?


Momo4ever.Com said...

I agree Hedera is a very pattern. Your socks look so toasty and warm!!! Looks like you're getting ready for the cold weather soon!!!

Love those journals of yours. They are soooooooooooo pretty!!!! I'm a gadget person but somehow, I still prefer to write stuff in my daily diary rather than using my iPhone :)

Kate said...

What app do you use for your notes? I've been trying to find the right one but there's so many to choose from!

Rose Red said...

I use my iPad for patterns too, but still keep my knitting diary. There is just something good about paper

I suppose if you regularly sync your iPad with your computer, it won't matter (much) if you lose your iPad with your notes.

2paw said...

You can't ask me as I am still pencil and paper and The Ravelry note section of my Projects.
I think it is just wonderful that you have knitted socks from wool you have spun. And they are so lovely!! I bet they feel a hundred times more special!!

Roseann said...

I love your handspun socks!!! I'm glad they are yours to keep and enjoy as you are a sweet and generous knitter. The pretty tweed in the yarn plays nicely with the Hedera stitch pattern.

I'm not very techno-savvy, but isn't there away to back up your iPad info on "the cloud"? The iPad does sound a lot more convenient for your journaling :)

Rachel said...

The socks are so pretty in your handspun! I am no help whatsoever with your question as I don't have an iPad and really don't know how you save notes on it! It's interesting to me that you don't use Ravelry for these things...although everything is public and for designers, that aspect probably doesn't work!

Melita said...

Ann, I love your journals they are beautiful notebooks, and I'm sure contain many useful notes. I still keep my note books too, I'd be lost without them to draw little pictures in and ideas that still never all see the light of day, but they are there waiting for the right moment when the inspiration will take me. I'd encourage you to keep a paper version still going for new ideas and patterns. :)

Bogie said...

Those are beautiful handspun Hederas, congratulations! I'm the happy owner of an iPad now and would also like to know how you take notes in it. I believe my iPad is being backed up in iCloud... I should check that. Are you backing up your data somehow?