Friday, March 16, 2012

Not Another Cowl

Yes, it's another cowl - my 5th Honey Cowl !

Last year, I knitted one for my niece & recently she called & told me that she lost her precious cowl while back packing in India. She tied the cowl to her back pack & someone stole it. She said that she loved wearing the cowl & it kept her warm throughout her trip & she hoped that I will knit her another as she will be going back to India again this year.

I was upset that she had not taken greater care of the cowl & packed it away safely - who doesn't want a hand knitted merino/cashmere cowl ? It's priceless !

Anyway, I agreed to knit her one & so I started on my 5th Honey Cowl. I really love this pattern as it's an easy pattern to remember & knits up so fast. I used 2 strands of sock yarn (Zen Yarn Garden merino) with 5mm needles & the cowl was done in 3 days !

I also cast off Magrathea which is the same construction as Trillian. As I enjoyed knitting Trillian & it was given away, I had to knit another one for myself so I chose another of Martina Behm's designs. She is a great designer & I love her designs. The construction is so clever & the knitting is enjoyable.

Magrathea took me a while as I knitted it in laceweight (Sweet Georgia's Cashsilk Lace). I love the shawl & the yarn - it's so soft & light around the neck & the pattern is gorgeous.

I really enjoy knitting this shawl & may have to work through the other 2 patterns in the ebook.


Momo4ever.Com said...

You're such a fast knitter!!!! HAHAHAHA

Love this pattern as it's sooooo pretty!!! I might do it in a lace version too after seeing yours :)

Roseann said...

Your Magrathea is absolutely gorgeous!!! I haven't seen an edging like it before, it must be scrumptious in cashsilk lace. You are very sweet to knit your niece another cowl, I hope this one returns with her as it is very pretty!

2paw said...

Your niece sounds so sad she lost the cowl, and I am sure she will put this on INSIDE her bag!! Three days?? It is so lovely. The shawl is beautiful, the lacy edging is just gorgeous!!

Rose Red said...

You are a good aunt, knitting another cowl for your niece. I am sure she won't lose this one.

The shawl looks gorgeous! Another to add to my queue!

Sasha said...

Beautiful knits, Ann! The cowl looks so warm ans squooshy, I love the stitch pattern, and the colours will be lovely for a niece. Your lace shawl is gorgeous, and laceweight, wow! I hope you will get to keep this shawl for yourself and enjoy wearing it :)

Rachel said...

I bet your niece will take better care of this one! So pretty! Oh, I've been itching to cast on something lace for me (I've been working on a super secret lace project for a friend and I'm reminded how much I love knitting with laceweight). Your shawl has inspired me to cast on this weekend!

Amanda said...

Your Magrathea is truly stunning! Well knitted! :)

YarnAddictAnni said...

Gorgeous cowl and at least she was using it. Take it as a compliment that someone stole it. She'll take better care of the next one I'm sure.

Love the shawl too.