Sunday, June 30, 2013

Crazy over slippers

I have not blogged for a while as I have been busy with classes at Calico & Ivy. For the last 5 weeks, I was teaching 3 classes a week and this was quite tiring mentally. Anyway, the classes are over and I am getting back into routine.

Despite feeling tired, I still have the energy to knit but on small projects. So I went into a phase of knitting slippers. I found a free pattern on ravelry - Footies and it is a great pattern.

I used a strand of sock yarn and a strand of 8ply and the slippers are thick and warm. The only feature that I was not happy with is the way that the toes are done. The toes are grafted together but they looked so square.

The slipper on the left is the grafted toe which does not look right. So when I worked on the 2nd slipper, I started the toe decreases earlier and the decreases are on the top of the foot. This resulted in a more rounded shape and I ended with 14 stitches and thread them through at the end, so no grafting and I think it looks so much better.

As I was happy with this modification, I started to work on more modifications of the pattern and cast on for another pair .......

These are the 2nd pair with more modifications and I love them. This pair is knitted with Cascade 220 and only use half a skein! I had so much fun knitting these slippers and had to stop myself from casting on another pair.

I also worked on another pattern, Saki Lite and these turned out well too.

These are knitted with sock yarn and so I could wear them with my shoes.

They feel great with the shoes but not after walking as they slipped off at the back and I had to keep pulling them up. I was hoping to knit more of these slippers so that I can wear with my shoes but I am having second thoughts now.

Now I better get back to my other projects ......

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Rose Red said...

So many pairs of slippers! You are definitely right about the toe, your version looks better.

So many classes - they are mentally very tiring, aren't they.

Roseann said...

Your slippers are darling! What a lovely variety of slippers you have knitted. I especially enjoyed your details about each pairs' variations. Teaching knitting three classes per week is a lot! Your students are fortunate to have you and I hope you now have even more followers of your informative & inspiring blog :)

2paw said...

Oh, such nice slippers!! Your modifications made a difference, the square toes and not pretty to look at. What a pity they don't work with your shoes. I am sure you can modify them!!

kevinagneskoay said...

cant seem to find knitting inspirations online anymore. do you not sell knitting accessories anymore? thought of getting more circular needles from you. i got one set previously but i am looking at bigger sizes.

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