Monday, February 19, 2007


I have finished the 1st Conifer sock, a pattern that was written specially for members of the Pick Up Sticks Sock Club. The yarn is Apple Laine which is a mix of merino, silk & mohair - a lovely & soft yarn which I enjoy knitting with. BUT !! I can't get the socks over my heels as the pattern on the leg is very tight - I knew the tension was too tight as I was doing a lot of pulling while manovering the ssk, yo, psso, etc between the needles. It is actually a nice pattern but does not provide much stretch which is required to pull the sock over the heel. The foot fitted perfectly.
I was so disappointed when I cast off the sock & tried it on - this is the 1st time that I have knitted a sock which did not fit !!!
Anyway, I thought that I will still take a picture & show everyone my work before frogging it to the heel & just carry on with the K3, P1 rib from the top of the foot - it will be just a plain sock but then I will be able to wear it & enjoy the nice feel of the yarn ! Sigh.....


2paw said...

Oh how disappointing for you, and it does look so lovely too, but you are right, it will be even lovelier if you can actually wear it!!!

tiennieknits said...

That's too bad because it's very pretty! Hopefully you'll get it to work.

Michelle said... unfortunate!!! that yarn looks so pretty!!!

Sasha said...

Oh no Anne! What a bummer! can you not knit the patterna little more loosely or on larger needles? At least the yarn is delish!

Roseann said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely sock with us, I am shocked it turned out too small. I've read great things about that sock yarn and look forward to trying it someday.

Patricia said...


I'm knitting conifer now, and I'm having trouble after row 27--I have 48 stitches after formingthe clusters (each one decreases the number of stitches by 2), but row 28 is written for 60 stitches. Any words of advice? I know I must be making a mistake!