Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Roza's Socks

Fresh off the needles .... a very lovely pattern which is so easy to remember that it feels like knitting in a rib stitch. The yarn is also gorgeous & the lilac & green really goes very well together. After seeing so many instances of pooling with hand painted yarn, I have now accept the pooling & considers it as a unique feature of the yarn - the amazing thing is that the pooling is not the same in each sock & thus adds on to the uniqueness.

Pattern : Roza's Socks, IK Spring 2007

Yarn : Zen Garden, merino/seacell in the Wisteria colorway

Needles : 2.5mm Harmony dpns

The socks feel so comfortable on my feet that I didn't want to take them off despite today's temperature of 33C. Anyway, these socks are for CanAssist patients & now that I have finished the 2 pairs of socks, I can send them off !

Of course, I have cast on another sock ....


alltangledup said...

lovely socks! I have them on my to-do list too

Denise said...

Gosh, you knit socks really fast! They look lovely.
How's Yosemite coming along?

Carol said...

Thet're so nice! And so are you for giving someone else such sweet comfort :)

Bells said...

oh well done! The yarn really suits that pattern, which I've never considered before now but very much intend to having seen yours. And good work on the Can Assist part!

AfternoonMoon said...

Roza's Socks are my favorite pattern of all times for fit. These puppies rock! I used Cherry Tree Hill on my first pair and they are so amazingly soft and hold up so well. There is absolutely no loose-sock-syndrome at the end of the day.

Susan Pandorf said...

They look pretty.
Oh, so pretty.
They look pretty and witty and wise?

(to tune of I Feel Pretty from West Side Story)

Knitting Bandit said...

I really like these socks. Now I have to go add htem to my queu! The yarn looks lovely. I've been mostly 100% Superwash girl, but wondering how the blends feel. I may have to try this yarn.