Wednesday, June 04, 2008

SHE knitted a pair of socks .....

....her very first pair. They look great on her - that's my 12 year old daughter, Lydia. It had been quite an achievement for her as it's her 1st time knitting in the round & using 2.5mm bamboo dpns. However, I have to admit that I helped with the toes & heels.

The socks are knitted with leftovers Opal yarn as I was not so sure if she was serious about socks knitting and will finish them. It took her a while to manage the dpns but she did it & then was knitting away. Lydia has been wearing the socks eversince & now wants another pair. I told her that she can knit as many as she wants - looks like I have found my successor!

I also cast off a pair of socks for the other daughter, Lynette. She does know how to knit but she does not have the interest to learn socks knitting, so I had to do it. Here are her candy floss socks ....

Pattern : My own design with a ribbed leg (K4, P2)

Yarn : Mama E's sock yarn ( it was specially dyed for Pick Up Sticks Sock Club)

Needles : 2.5mm Harmony dpns

The yarn has a very tight twist & was great to knit with. In fact, it feels more like cotton than wool & has been in my stash for a long time, so it was great to be able to put it into good use.

Just want to mention that I knitted the toe differently - I used the same technique as the baby hat that I knitted where I cast on 8 stitches & increased 4 stitches every other round until I had 60 stitches, so it's a round toe & it fits Lynette perfectly as she has slim feet. I like this technique & will use it more for other socks as it does looks much nicer than the normal square toe.

Although I keep telling myself that I have to finish off my current WIPs, I just can't resist casting on 3 new projects .... more details in my next post !


Lisa said...

Wow - a 12 year old that knits socks! Impressive.

Suzanne said...

I second that Wow! They look fabulous! Love the different toe and heel. She just might be faster than me. :)

Marguerite said...

Give Lydia a big "first socks" hug from another sock knitter in SW Michigan, US.

I'm so impressed that she finished the socks and so happy that she loves wearing them.

Bells said...

oh good work Lydia! They look absolutely lovely and I rather like the way the cuff looks. I must try that.